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Charles Holley
Engagement - Performance

Digital Programmer

Enhance Employee Engagement

and Improve Performance

As a 30-year business professional, Charles has operated as a high performing employee and served in leadership positions for several organizations. 

He has worked for organizations that missed the mark on engagement and for some that excelled in creating outstanding engagement practices which increased employee performance. 

Allow the author of the popular leadership book, 7 Needs of High Performing Employees, to share keys to enhance engagement and improve performance for your organization.

Marketing Conference

"Charles Holley is one of the best speakers I have ever had the privilege of listening to. His ability to grab the audience's attention from beginning to end is unmatched."

O. Pitts - CEO

A Lack of Engagement

A major reason high performers leave is a lack of engagement. What are the signs? How can you keep engagement strong?

Business Meeting
Business Meeting at Small Table

The Power of Shared Resources

 How can you teach your team to use their skills and talents to compliment each other and avoid internal competition? 

Overcoming Pseudo Voice

 What is pseudo voice and why is it so damaging to employee engagement and performance? 

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