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"Mr. Holley is hands down one of the best speakers I've ever had the privilege
of listening to." 
O. Pitts - CEO




What does Charles do? 

"Transforming corporate culture one keynote at a time, I specialize in teaching strategies for achieving peak Team Performance, fostering Innovative Leadership, and mastering Effective Communication."

Charles is an 

Award-winning International Speaker and Award-winning Author who delivers dynamic keynotes and sessions for Corporations and Schools.

Corporate Testimonial

"Mr. Holley is hands down one of the best speakers I have ever had the privilege of listening to.


His ability to grab the audience's attention from beginning to end is unmatched. His willingness to blend his personal life stories along with his corporate experience makes him a must have at your next event."

O. Pitts - CEO/President


Innovative Leadership at its best!

7-Needs contains mounds of research exposing the hidden needs of your high performers as well as innovative leadership solutions for moving average and under performers into the high-performer category.

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Diversity Students

What Charles does for schools. 

"Empowering the next generation, I teach valuable lessons on positive engagement, confident speaking, and building resilience against peer pressure." 

Charles has over 

Twenty years of experience inspiring students to achieve higher heights.

School Testimonial

"What an amazing session you gave to our students! We are all so grateful for your thoughts and your time.

You have the perfect presentation voice for middle schoolers; your engagement and your stories were so captivating. We thank you so much for your time and for giving back to our students like you did today."



J.W. - Middle School Teacher - Missouri

Angels Among Us

Join us for an inspiring journey as we delve into 'Angels Among Us,' a captivating student presentation recounting the remarkable story of a middle school student whose life sparked a transformative ripple effect throughout the entire school community. Be prepared to be moved, motivated, and reminded of the profound impact individuals can have on those around them

Group Portrait

Racial Healing and Black Subject Matter. 

Charles's love for dialogue and his profound connection to his Southern roots converge to create a uniquely compelling voice for racial healing. His presence at Black History, Juneteenth, or Martin Luther King Jr. events serves as a catalyst for understanding, empathy, and progress, inspiring all who listen to join in the journey towards unity and justice.


Black and White: Healing Racial Divide

Embark on a transformative journey with Charles as he shares poignant narratives from his personal history and imparts invaluable wisdom from his award-winning book on racial healing. Invite him to your school or corporation for an empowering and enlightening session, where he explores how individuals of all races can transcend fears and biases. Together, let's ignite change and embrace unity.


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