I teach people how to communicate effectively about Race.

Award-Winning Speaker and Author
Race Communication Expert

I want to leverage my Background, Education, and Experience to help your organizational leaders effectively discuss racial issues without:



                                 Heated Arguments 

                    and Broken Working Relationships

My Racial Communication Workshop contains tools and techniques that help attendees develop:

                   An Appreciation for ALL Races

                   Racial Focus (What to focus on)

                   Helpful Words and Phrases to Use

            Techniques to Stay Calm during Discussions

                    The Art of Respectful Disagreement

                                   And more.

I am a child of the South, born in North Alabama during the Civil Rights movement. I received a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration and Masters of Biblical Counseling and have worked in various professional leadership positions for nearly thirty-years. I am a Toastmasters International speaker trained in Visionary Communication and author of several books, including my latest, Black and White: Healing Racial Divide. I would love to share my workshop with you.


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Black and White: Healing Racial Divide

A balanced and educational racial discussion with a unique combination of four (4) elements:

Heart-stopping real-life author memoirs

A balanced historical racial account

Tools and techniques to promote racial unity, healing, and communication.


Thought-provoking challenges for Blacks, Whites, and all Races. 


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