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Employee Engagement Lunch and Learns

Leaders who remove communication barriers are some of the most effective leaders. They are aware of the integral connection between engagement and employee performance. Engagement Specialist and 30 year business professional Charles Holley shares several techniques for leaders to enhance employee engagement. He shares from his popular leadership book, 7 Needs of High Performing Employees, definitions, signs, and solutions for self-preservation fear, leadership autonomy, subliminal messaging, and more.


Join him online for an Employee Engagement Lunch and Learn. Use the link below to register for the next 7 Needs Employee Engagement Lunch and Learn.   

Virtual Employee Engagement Lunch and Learns

Topics Shared:

Topic 1:    Research: Self-Preservation Fear and Subliminal Messaging 

                  What are they and how do they affect engagement? What are the signs and solutions?

Topic 2:   Research: Pseudo Voice and the Lack of leadership Autonomy

                 What are they and how do they affect engagement and performance? Signs and solutions?

Topic 3:   Research: The Leadership Trust gap, why many employees FEEL untrusted

                 Reasons employees feel untrusted, detecting the signs, and practicing solutions.

Topic 4:   Research: The Need for High Performers to Drive Organizational Change

                 How to use high-profile high-visibility tasks and assignments to drive employee fulfillment

Topic 5:  Research: Building Leadership / Employee Partnerships

                Ways leaders can become partners with employees in achieving their performance goals.

Register for Next Virtual Lunch and Learn

$69 Early Bird Registration (Ends Feb 13th)

$89 Regular Registration

Refunds available 5 or more days before event!

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