Charles Holley


Charles was born the seventeenth (17th) child of poor farmers in North Alabama in the early 1960s. He grew up during turbulent times of violence, Jim Crow laws, and the segregation struggle in the South. As a child, he saw the glaring racial divide around him and even thought of himself as "poor black trash."


He struggled with extremely low self-esteem and a severe speaking problem known as stuttering. As a result, he was terrified to speak in public and regarded himself as less than equal to others. His black neighborhood integrated an all-white school in the early 1970s and that action set him on a course to understanding and experiencing many racial occurrences. 

 Charles Holley - Early Years 
A Product of the Civil Rights Era



Charles overcame extreme poverty, low self-esteem, and racism to excel at sports and receive an athletic scholarship to college. He graduated from the University of Alabama in Huntsville with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration specializing in Management Information Systems.

He married his college sweetheart and they were blessed with two wonderful children. However, in 2001 their thirteen-year-old son, Torrell, suddenly went into cardiac arrest while playing basketball and died shortly afterwards. His death pushed the entire family into deep depression, but this tragedy led Charles to discover his talent for writing by penning his first book entitled, When Flowers Fade. 

 Charles Holley - Teen to Adult 
Happiness, Tragedy, and Writing


 Charles Holley - Today 
An Accomplished Speaker and Author


Charles is an Award-winning Speaker and Award-winning Author who specializes in Inspiration and Race. He is a twenty-plus year business professional who has served in various areas of leadership. Currently a Computer Engineer, Charles has written over six books with his latest, Black & White: Healing Racial Divide, capturing an International Award for Outstanding Non-fiction from the BookFest Spring 2022 contest.


A native of Alabama, Charles currently lives in Madison Alabama with his college-sweetheart and wife of over thirty-years. They had two children, a son named Torrell who passed away in 2001, and a daughter named Kiana.