In Black & White: Healing Racial Divide, the author delivers a laser-point anti-white-guilt version of the race problem in America. A child of the south and the civil rights movement, he equally speaks to black and white hang-ups when discussing racial problems, and provides balanced recommendations for racial healing.
He explains conversation-killers such as unconscious-bias, white-guilt, and black-unforgiveness. He lays out a strategy of healing by sharing keys to racial-communication, racial-unity, and racial healing. He offers business advice for leaders looking to improve racial diversity. He also shares his heart-touching real racial experiences from the Jim Crow era to today.
He expounds on the four pillars of racism, black & white challenges, and the major American institutions where racism has found refuge. He answers the question: How can all races reduce this modern evil that has plagued society for thousands of years? Truly compelling, inspirational, and enlightening. Highly recommended read for all races, business leaders, and Pastors & Clergy.. Impactful & Life Changing!