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Pain and disappointment are inevitable in this life. It’s not a matter of IF you will be hurt. It’s a matter of WHEN, by WHOM, and HOW DEEPLY.

Have you healed from the rejection of someone who should have loved and cared for you? Was your life shattered when the betrayal was exposed? Do the memories of the abuse and assault still haunt you? Were you robbed of the strength to continue after the senseless act that took your loved one away?
I encourage you to overcome and refuse the false contentment of living with the pain. I implore you to conquer the hurt and reject the temptation to merely cover it up.
You can heal from something that took your breath away. It is possible to restore trust and hope in someone who threw it all away. You can minimize the effects of offenses. You can release the pain and embrace the peace.

But to do so, you must learn to forgive like artist Michelangelo learned to paint—with passion, vision, and perfection. I invite you to climb the steps to the next level of Forgiveness.