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Keys to Prevent - Overcome Burnout

(Keynote or Workshop)

Goal: To give leaders concrete ways to recognize burnout symptoms and steps to take to recover and restore professional passion. 

Details: The symptoms of burnout can be invisible to those experiencing it. They were invisible to me. It took the sudden tragic death of my teenage son for me to realize I was burned out. As a technology administrator with cyber-security training and certifications, I was deep into my work and enjoyed the challenges and long hours. But I failed to realize the impact on my health and family life. After restoration, I learned 3 ways to detect and prevent burnout and wish to share them with your audience.

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7 Needs of High Performers 

(Keynote or Workshop)

Goal: To give leaders concrete keys to building or enhancing open communication with their teams. 

Details: Drawing from his thirty-plus years as a professional employee and leader, Charles jump-starts a thought-provoking speech or workshop by asking one question: "If your highest performing employee said to you, "I need to talk to you about some things I need to improve my performance."


Would that request excite you or worry you?"

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Building and Delivering a Dynamic Speech 

Goal: Learn the keys to designing, crafting, and delivering an unforgettable speech.  

Details: As an Award-winning speaker trained in Visionary Communication, Charles draws from his extensive speaking experience to teach attendees keys to writing and delivering a powerful impactful speech that changes lives.

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