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Inspirational Keynotes


Donkey Therapy

    Audience: Corporate, Educational, Non-Profit

Dynamic Storytelling at its Best!


Goal: To inspire and encourage attendees to never give up when difficult life circumstances occur.  

Details: This Toastmasters award-winning speech will inspire and encourage the audience through their most trying times. Charles masterfully tells a story about a donkey that falls into an abandoned well. When its masters decide to fill the well up with dirt as opposed to rescuing the donkey, Charles provides a stunning ending to the story that he uses as a launching pad to share his own major issues. As a severe depression survivor, he knows how to connect with the audience on issues of struggle. An uplifting speech that will leave the audience encouraged and inspired! 

   Restoring Professional Passion

     Audiences: Corporate, Educational, Non-Profits

 A Heart Touching Real Life Story


Goal: To give attendees three (3) keys to restoring professional passion after difficult life circumstances. 

Details: Life has a way of delivering hurtful blows that can cause us to lose the drive and passion for our professional work. Charles delivers a transparent and heart-touching speech based on his life. He tragically lost his teenage son some years ago and afterward discovered he had also lost his passion for his professional work. After some deep soul searching and re-discovery, he found three things that helped him restore the love for the profession he had worked in for nearly twenty years. Highly motivational!  


Black Superman: The Power of Diversity 
Audiences: Corporate, Educational, Non-Profits

Funny, Entertaining, and Deep Lessons on Diversity 


Goal: For attendees to recognize diversity as a HUMAN Need and provide three (3) practical ways to achieve it. 

Details: Another Toastmasters award-winning speech that leaves audiences gasping for more. Charles is a master storyteller and delivers a powerful storyline about his life during the civil rights movement. As a black child, he once pretended to be superman only to have his black friends retort, "You can't be superman because superman is white!" Charles uses his situation to deliver hilarious yet thought provoking messages about real diversity and why it really is a human need. A must see and hear speech! 

Diversity Students

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