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Racial Healing Keynotes - Training


 Keynote or Two-Hour Training 
 Racial Appreciation
    Audience: Corporate, School, Church (teens to adults)

Race Module 1 with Multiple Lessons


Goal: To expose attendees to positive aspects of racial cultures, thereby helping them to build a sense of racial appreciation. 

Details: Sadly, many people are exposed to negative racial stereotypes in media and society on a daily basis. This positive training seeks to combat those negative influences by presenting the various racial cultures in a positive way. Geographical origin, language, culture, food, and dress are discussed and explained in a way that encourages racial appreciation. 


Race Module 2 with Multiple Lessons


Goal: To reduce racial conflict, prevent potential conflict, and promote constructive dialogue. 

Details: Most people struggle to have effective racial conversations. But race does not have to be contentious if we learn the art of constructive dialogue. This interactive training introduces attendees to (2) mental pre-talk postures, (3) conversation stoppers and movers, and (2) keys to understanding perception and how it affects racial decision making.  


  Keynote or Two-Hour Training 
   Keys to Constructive Racial Dialogue

  Audiences: Corporate, School, Church (teens to adults)


 Keynote or Two-Hour Training 
Recognizing and Overcoming Racial Bias 
Audiences: Corporate, Student, Church (teens to adults)

Race Module 3 with Multiple Lessons


Goal: For attendees to recognize what unconscious racial bias is and take appropriate steps to address it.  

Details: All people have unconscious racial bias. That alone does not make us bad people, it makes us human. But what separates people is what each person chooses to do about his or her bias. In this positive and persuasive training, the presenter shares (3) major sources of racial bias, (3) ways to effectively counter bias, and personal situations in the speaker's life that helped expose his own unconscious bias. This first-level of bias training is used to reduce the hesitancy some people may have to openly discuss bias and prepares them for deeper levels of bias training. .

 Keynote or Two-Hour Training 
Keys to Racial Healing and Unity

      Audience: Corporate, School, Church (teens to adults)

Race Module 4 with Multiple Lessons

Goal: To bring awareness to attendees of the need for racial healing and unity, and to share methods and techniques to accomplish it. 

Details: There are many people of all races who sincerely want to heal the racial divide but do not know how to approach the subject. This informative and interactive workshop introduces (3) major needs for healing, (3) things that must happen before healing can take place, and (3) common goals all races can unite around. 


 Keynote or Two-Hour Training 
God's Beautiful Races  

 Audiences: Christian Corporations and Schools

Race Module 5 with Multiple Lessons


Goal: To give attendees a faith-based understanding of race along with faith solutions to various racial issues.

Details: This biblical, balanced, and positive race training examines various scriptures about human creation, human separation, race in biblical times, and race today--ending on the positive scriptures that declares God loves all races. Attendees will see God's creativity in nature and humans, God's view of race from multiple scriptures, and God's desire that all races love each other with the love of Jesus Christ. 

 Keynote or Two-Hour Training 
Keys to Racial and Cultural Diversity

 Audience: Corporate, Educational, and Non-profits

Race Module 6 with Multiple Lessons

Goal: To bring awareness to attendees of the need for racial and cultural diversity and help them to see diversity as a human need.

Details: This thought provoking and interactive workshop makes the case that racial diversity is a human need, not just a minority wish. In a thought-provoking way, the training delves into three (3) ways corporate leaders can instill true racial and cultural diversity and create an atmosphere where all races can thrive and be productive.

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