Communicating Across Racial Boundaries


Balancing Outsourcing with Employee Needs


7 Needs of High Performing Employees
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Today’s business environment has become highly diverse with the migration to a remote workforce and business relationships that have expanded globally. Leaders are interacting with racially diverse business partners, clients, and customers. Now, more than ever, effective communication is critical to the creation and continuation of business success. In this exciting and highly interactive presentation, attendees will learn keys to effective communication that include communication styles, different racial and cultural meanings of certain phrases, and methods of effective communication.

Outsourcing is a common business practice that aids the workforce. But too much outsourcing can damage internal employee morale, effectiveness, and growth. As an employee working for a company that over-outsourced, I experienced the negative drawbacks and unintended consequences such as low employee morale, lack of technical growth, and high employee turnover. In this exciting and interactive presentation, I share my personal experiences along with thoughts and suggestions for leaders to find the balance where outside resources and internal employees work together in harmony to increase company bottom line. 

CL Holley specializes in Employee Engagement. 7 Needs is based on his  5-star review book. 7 Needs shares seven important things leaders can provide high performers to help them excel to the next level of performance— including a real voice, shared resources, and trust from leaders to do their jobs.  Take your leadership skills to the next level and sharpen your employee engagement interactions by becoming familiar with 7 major needs of your workers. Amazon link: https:/

Add C.L. Holley to your speaking  line up and add value to your event. He is well equipped to speak on topics in three major areas: Inspiration, Communication, and Employee Engagement.  With an amazing life story as inspiration, outstanding communication experience as a Toastmasters International speaker and published author, and over thirty-year business professional experience, he is well equipped to deliver an outstanding speaking experience. Regardless of the audience need, this spectacular speaker is a perfect choice for your next speaking event.

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