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  1. Corporate & Social Fatigue

    Your audience need encouragement and inspiration? SpeakerHolley’s upbeat messages are perfect for uplifting and inspiring your employees or members. 

  2. Racial Insensitivity and Racial Dis-Unity
    SpeakerHolley utilizes his racial background and book, "Black & White: Healing Racial Divide," along with a workshop that includes the modules of Racial Communication, Racial Healing, and Racial Unity to teach Racial Sensitivity.

  3. Employee and Leadership Dis-Engagement

    SpeakerHolley uses his 30+ years as a high-performing experience to share keys to improving leadership--employee engagement and performance. He uses his book and 7 Needs workshop  to impart techniques of creating open communication.        

SpeakerHolley is the perfect choice for racism and diversity events. As a African American born and raised in the American South during the civil rights period, he faced the sting of racism and segregation laws while living during the Jim Crow era. He is a passionate social justice advocate and author of the 5-Star review book Black & White: Healing Racial Divide as well as a book about his life struggles and triumphs. Book him for your next racial or diversity event. Click the book to read on Amazon.

SpeakerHolley specializes in Employee Engagement. 7 Needs is based on his  5-star review book. 7 Needs shares seven important things leaders can provide high performers to help them excel to the next level of performance— including a real voice, shared resources, and trust from leaders to do their jobs.  Take your leadership skills to the next level and sharpen your employee engagement interactions by becoming familiar with 7 major needs of your workers. Click the book to read on Amazon.

Add SpeakerHolley to your speaking  line up and add value to your event. He is well equipped to speak on topics in three major areas: Inspiration, Racism, and Engagement.  With an amazing life story, outstanding communication expertise as a Toastmasters International speaker, a published author, and over 30 years of professional business knowledge, he is well equipped to deliver an outstanding speaking experience. Regardless of your audience need, this spectacular speaker is a perfect choice to inform, inspire, and uplift your audience.

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