Christian Racial Unity Tour

                                                         Christian Unity Tour Workshop-Speech Details


We are looking for Christian Unity Partners like you, to help us carry the good news of racial unity throughout America. Please consider volunteering to serve in one or more of the below capacities. Sign up or request more info from our website:


                                                                     Tour Dates:  06/05/2021 – 08/28/2021


Workshop Hosts


Physical Host
Minister CL Holley conducts a 2-hour workshop on the Church and race—historically and into modern day. The workshop is Bible based and attendees are asked to bring his/her Bible. He tactfully approaches the subject matter from the Universal Church point of view—no politics, no singling out of any race, just historical truths and solid Biblical teaching. The goal is to clearly demonstrate the need for racial unity and present several paths to creating that unity.  We ask that all physical workshops follow Covid-19 guidelines at the time of occurrence and that no food is served if Covid-19 protocols are still in effect (to reduce likely hood of spread). Physical workshops are usually conducted on Saturdays at a convenient time for the host. FREE Black & White books are also provided to physical hosts (20 copies—a $200 value) as a “thank you” for hosting the workshop.  


Virtual Host
Minister CL Holley conducts a Virtual 2-hour workshop on the Church and race with the same format and content as a physical workshop. However, free books are not available for virtual hosts. The host can choose the virtual platform and work with Minister Holley’s team to arrange an online date.

Unity Speech Hosts


Physical Speech Host
As the 2021 Toastmasters International District speaking winner, Minister CL Holley shares an engaging and inspirational speech about the need for Christian racial unity. He shares the lows and highs of growing up during the civil rights movement and the challenging and rewarding relationships with his Caucasian brothers and sisters. No guilt. No politics. No attacks. Just a highly moving account of his amazing life as the seventeenth child of poor southern farmers and the role Christian faith played in molding his life. Average time around 30 minutes and usually on Sundays during regular worship but can be scheduled for a time convenient for host.


Virtual Speech Host
The same speech but done on a virtual platform such as zoom or a platform offered by host. Virtual speech dates can be more flexible to include weeknights after 5PM CST time.


Physical Workshop Volunteers


This is for physical workshops NOT conducted at a church. Most churches will have volunteers for setup, tear down, and handouts. However, we may conduct workshops at public locations and may need assistance with setup, tear down, and handouts.  If you are willing to help with an event near you, please fill out the Unity Partner form on our website. 


Marketing Partners


We need people who have media contacts to help us spread the good news on TV, radio, podcasts, and social media. If you host a show or know someone who does, please send us the contact info for a tour interview. Email to address You can market by posting and sharing the information via email and on your social media accounts.


Have questions or want to know more? Want to meet and talk to Minister CL Holley online or in person? Send an email to .  

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