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Books by Charles Holley

Award-Winner for Outstanding

Race Dialogue Specialist Charles Holley transforms contentious racial topics into warm conversations. He pens an outstanding book on race that educates and does not indoctrinate. Using a wonderfully balanced blame-free and shame-free writing style, Holley provides engaging material that many reviewers describe as a "non-confrontational approach" and a "soft, constructive appeal" as well as being "an essential book on how to heal America's racism problem."

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Get Inspired and Motivated!

The inspiring true story of a young man born in the deep south, reared in extreme poverty, shackled by the obstacles of low self-esteem, lack of opportunity, and the racial tension of the 1960s. Despite crippling family setbacks, low expectations, and the sudden tragic death of his teenage son, he eventually discovers the revelation of who he was meant to be.

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Enhance Your Leadership!

7-Needs is an outstanding Value-Added book with the unique combination of in-depth research and personal experience of a 30-year professional. Enhance your leadership. Unlock the full potential of your high-performers. Improve your employee engagement skills and increase your business productivity. 

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Forgive the Unforgettable!

A transparent look into the author's personal battle with the struggle to forgive, this book contains the wisdom and encouragement needed to lead others into the difficult act of forgiveness. A unique book that breaks forgiveness into levels and describes what happens at each level and how to move past the hurtful emotions and memories to find true peace and joy.

Release the Pain, and Embrace the Peace!

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Outstanding Women's Book

Deborah is a well-known and highly sought-after Christian speaker who delivers amazing results to audiences around the world. Yet, they do not know her painful secret that has haunted her since childhood. She hates the combination of darkness and silence because they thrust her back into a heart-stopping nightmare. Can she finally overcome this hidden wound and receive the peace that will unleash God’s power in her ministry?

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Daily Devotional

Need a daily word of wisdom and inspiration? This wonderful devotional is packed with short stories, biblical teachings, and words of godly wisdom for facing and overcoming the many challenges in life.

Change your thoughts, change your life is the motivation behind Inspirations From the Scriptures. Dig into God's word and be encouraged for the hard-knocks of life! 

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