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Corporate Services

Keynotes, Training, Consulting 

Charles draws from over thirty-years of professional experience in technology and leadership. He earned a BS in Business Administration with a concentration in Management Information Systems. He has served in various leadership roles with over five organizations throughout his professional career in systems administration. 

Charles delivers dynamic keynotes, engaging training, and impactful consulting on team performance, innovative leadership, and effective communication.

7 Needs of High Performers 

Drawing from his thirty-plus years as a professional employee and leader, Charles jump-starts a thought-provoking speech or workshop by asking one question: "If your highest performing employee said to you, "I need to talk to you about some things I need to improve my performance."


Would that request excite you or worry you?"

7 Needs of High Performing Employees

Based on over twenty years of professional experience, 7 Needs provides insight for leaders into the needs of high performers.  The book is filled with research and case studies along with real life situations of the author.


Team Peak Performance

There is a reason some teams win national championships and smash long-standing records to achieve the improbable. It is not talent alone nor is it merely good fortune. There are similar traits that great teams share in how they are built, the way they bond, and how they utilize their skillsets for peak performance. Outstanding corporate teams also follow this pattern. Learn innovative ways to build, bond, and strengthen your corporate team for maximum performance.  


Soar Above the Pain

An incredible true story of struggles from birth and challenges throughout life but a motivational tale of overcoming them all to Soar to amazing heights.  If your audience needs motivation and inspiration, this is the story and the speaker to book!


3 Keys to Effective Communication 

Drawing from his Toastmasters training in Visionary Communication, Charles shares a dynamic speech or workshop on effective communication for those onstage speaking to audiences, presenting to small groups, or conversating one-on-one in situations such as employee reviews.  As an award-winning speaker and award-winning author, Charles is well equipped to help others excel. 


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