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Charles accepted Christ at a young age and was called into the ministry in 2001. He was ordained in 2002 through the Baptist denomination. He currently is a member of a non-denominational church in Madison Alabama.  He graduated with a Master of Biblical Counseling in 2009 and has served in various church leadership roles for over twenty years. 

Charles delivers engaging spiritual keynotes, biblical training, and has written several spiritual books aimed at transforming the mind. 

God's Beautiful Races

(Based on his Award-Winning Book)

A positive, bible-based teaching on the controversial subject of race, Charles takes the audience back to God's creation and helps them to see the beauty in EVERYTHING God created, including His crown of creation: Humans.


God uses colors, shapes, and sizes in a B.I.G. way: to Beautify, Identify, and Glorify.  

The  Next Level Forgiver

(Best Selling Book)

Using his personal struggles as examples, Charles writes an extraordinary book on the difficult act of forgiving deep painful occurrences. He breaks forgiving down into 4 Levels and explains how to move from level-to-level. He defines the top level as where God and Jesus Christ operate. Eye opening and insightful.  

Lord, Fix My Leaks!

(Female Spiritual Empowerment)

Charles writes this book to his daughter whom he loves. He pens exceptional stories of women going through difficult challenges but always finding the strength and love of God to bring them through. The book directs all women, regardless of their single or married status, into finding the ultimate Man of men. A spiritually rich book for mothers and daughters to read together. 

Church Testimonials

"Charles is an excellent preacher and teacher. I am a retired teacher and I love the way he uses repetition and the way he puts things on our level. I've heard him before and that's why I wanted to come to this event. I knew it would good and he did not disappoint."

Church Member - Workshop Attendee 

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